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Nordlux Strategie A


The fund for stable income

Nordlux Strategie pursues a conservative total return strategy. The fund management, which does not track any benchmarks, invests worldwide in shares and in largely EUR-denominated intra-year government and corporate bonds, resulting in basic market-aligned returns. The primary source of fund income results from the premium strategy in which option premiums are collected through option-writing on shares and share price indices. With its objective being to generate a positive return even during sideways market phases, Nordlux Strategie is oriented to risk-conscious investors who would like to grow their assets over the long term. In line with the fund’s defensive orientation, predominantly exchange-traded index options are written and index futures are used to hedge market risk and so achieve a stable income.

The fund is licensed for sale in Luxembourg and Germany.

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  • The Nordlux strategy gives investors access to the otherwise difficult-to-access segment of conservative option strategies on equities and equity indices.
  • The fund offers the possibility of taking profit of market fluctuations (so-called volatility).
  • In addition to the collection of option premiums, the fund participates in the appreciation of the stock markets to a limited extent, in line with its options for holding shares and the respective exercise prices selected.
  • Use of the full capacity of partially higher option premiums for single stocks.
  • Risk buffer by focusing on “out-of-the-money” options.
  • Flexibility in the use of option strategies in changing market conditions.
  • The fund management makes derivative transactions in order to generate additional income, to steer an efficient portfolio management and for hedging purposes. Temporarily the hedges may increase the loss risk; this applies in particular in periods of very strong market fluctuations or phases of high volatility.
  • The cover positions in the equity sector (individual stocks, index ETFs, stock index futures) are subject to market-specific risks.
  • The fund also invests up to a certain amount in equities and equity derivatives of foreign currency. This may result in exchange rate risks if the currency is not hedged.
  • The value of the fund unit may fall below the price at which the investor acquired the fund units; this can result in losses.

Important notice

The unit value may at any time fall below the purchase price at which the customer acquired the unit. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. A profitable resale is only possible after an increase in the value of the share exceeds the initial sales charge paid as well as other commissions and costs during the investment period. When investing in investment funds, as with any investment in securities and similar assets, there is a risk of price and currency losses. As a result, the prices of fund units and the amount of income fluctuate and cannot be guaranteed. The costs of the fund investment affect the actual investment result. There can be no assurance that the objectives of the investment policy will be achieved. The sole binding basis for the purchase of units is the legal sales documents (Key Investor Information, Sales Prospectuses and Reports), from which you can obtain detailed information on the potential risks. These are in German language next to the management company LRI Invest S.A. and the custodian bank is also available free of charge from the respective national paying or information agents. The sales documents can be found at The key investor information will be made available there in the official language of the country of distribution. This fund portrait is advertising material and not an investment law obligatory document. It is for information purposes only. All information published here is for product description purposes only, does not constitute investment advice and does not contain any offer of a consulting agreement or information contract and no solicitation of an offer to buy / sell securities. The content has been carefully researched, compiled and checked. A guarantee for the correctness, completeness or accuracy cannot be accepted. The management and custodian fee and all other costs charged to the Fund under the terms of the agreement are included in the gross performance calculations. Distributions will be reinvested. The performance calculation is based on the BVI method, i.e. a sales charge, transaction costs (such as order fees and brokerage commissions) as well as custody and other management fees are not included in the calculation. The investment result would be lower, taking into account the initial charge, as shown in the net amount of the first year of the rolling performance. If you have any questions about the function and risks of this investment, please contact your financial advisor. In different countries, funds may only be offered if approved by the local regulatory authority. Unless such permission is given, this information document may not be made available to other persons. In particular, this information document is addressed neither to US citizens nor to persons with permanent residence in the USA. If necessary, contact a local sales office. Persons in possession of this information should inform themselves about and comply with the legislation in force in each country. It is recommended to read the sales prospectus before each drawing.

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