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- doing good and good performance are not mutually exclusive

New laws set the direction.

Nordlux Vermögensmanagement adheres to the legal requirements and sets itself corporate goals on the subject of “sustainability”.

Sustainability-Strategy (German version)

The Executive Board assumes responsibility for dealing with the topic of sustainability. Examples of sustainability at Nordlux VM can be found below.

*MiFID II – ESG (from 2nd August 2022) and the EU Regulation on Sustainability-Related Disclosure Requirements (SFDR) are ) are meant to increase protection of investors and improve the transparency of of investments by including the sustainability aspect without neglecting the risk assessment.
MiFID = Markets in Financial Instruments Regulation
SFDR = Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Our Investment Advisory and Asset Management departments take sustainable investment criteria into account.

The data basis for our decisions in terms of sustainability is provided by the external company Clarity. Their overall ESG score is our basis for deciding whether a stock is listed on our recommended list or not. Only assets with a score of at least 50 may be recommended to the customer.

In the future, individual sustainability preferences for the topics of environment (E), social (S) and governance (G) will also be taken into account. This is planned for 01.01.2023, once all legal requirements have been laid down.

Our fund management offers three sustainable investment funds.

By selecting ESG-relevant target funds, we act in cooperation with external analysts according to the following standards:

  • Best-in-class principle (identification of ESG pioneers)

  • Exclusion principle (rejection of certain sectors and companies)

UN Global Compact - Ten Principles

In our in-house investment fund Nordlux ESG Aktien Global

Nordlux Vermögensmanagement supports,  for the Nordlux ESG Aktien Global Fund since 2th July 2021,  the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact by implementing this strategy in its sustainability fund. We have thus not only complied with the new LuxFLAG requirements but also sharpened our ESG approach at the same time and set it to the future.

With our new sustainable investment fund “Nordlux ESG Aktien Global“, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in a sustainable, international equity fund.

The sustainability related disclosures can be found in the media center (to be found only on German website).

The United Nations Global Compact is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative, driven by the realization that companies play a crucial part in enforcing human rights and building a more sustainable world. To make this more tangible, the UNGC is focusing on four core areas, which comprise Ten Principles:

  • Human rights
  • Labour
  • Environment
  • Anti-Corruption


ESG Label by Lux FLAG

Our fund Nordlux ESG Aktien Global received the ESG Label by LuxFLAG as of June 24th, 2020 for the first time. The award was given again for another year on June 22nd, 2021 and June 29th, 2022. 

Obtaining this award repeatedly is not self-evident and a source of pride to us.

The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG) is an independent association by several founding partners, such as the Luxembourg Government (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure and the European Investment Bank.

LuxFLAG aims to promote the Responsible Investment sector by awarding a recognizable label to eligible investment vehicles in Microfinance, Environment, ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), Climate Finance and Green bonds. 

Sustainable investment funds

Nordlux ESG Aktien Global A und B

Nordlux ESG Aktien Global invests consistently and 100 % in shares of listed companies that follow an ESG-compliant approach defined by the fund management.

Tranche A is a trading fund with reinvestment of the income.

Tranche B distributes the income as a classic fund.

Nordlux Pro StiftungsPartner A

The conservative fund solution with focus on capital preservation and planable distributions.

The aims of the fund management are coherent with those of trusts: long-term preservation of invested capital and sustainable periodical income. 


Further information on the disclosure of all sustainable investment funds can be found in the media center (German web version).

Nordlux Pro Bürgerstiftungsfonds

 The fund with consequent focus on sustainably.
Promote positive changes and avoid negative expense of environment or people – that is what the Bürgerstiftungsfonds is all about.  

Climate-friendly website

Faster with a clear conscience

An average website generates 211 kg of CO2 p.a. That’s 43,000 balloon fillings. That’s quite a big amount!

With our website, we want to set an example for sustainable action. Therefore we support the high specification on climate footprint and thus bear the responsibility for a better future.

That is why we have been awarded the Greentelligent.Website seal of quality since June 2022.

The Luxembourg association “D’Emweltberodung Lëtzebuerg a.s.b.l.” (EBL) uses Grénge Web to analyse Luxembourg websites. We received e.g. the award “gréngen effort”.

This award attests in comparison to other websites, that “a very good result was already achieved during the initial analysis and there is only a very limited room for improvement.”

You can also take sustainable measures in your private life to reduce your own footprint on the Internet:

7 Schritte zum ökologischen Internet-Meister (German version)

Implementation of our sustainability goals

Practical actions

Environment: Our aspects

First and foremost, this includes the company’s own building, built according to the latest energy-optimized specifications (completion 2021).


  • Light is automatically switched on and off by motion detectors, there are no switches
  • Window blinds are electrically controlled to support air conditioning
  • Cold water in the sanitary area
  • PC use under energy aspects
  • Homepage with short loading times in order to reduce CO2 footprint and to be be user-friendly

Saving of resources:

  • No print of paper (or at least monochrome and both sides)
  • Electronic correspondence preferred 
  • Postbox for customers 

Other environmental initiatives:

  • Biodiversity in the building complex (Campus Contern), e.g. beehives on the roofs 
  • E-shuttle connects nearby train station with our offices
  • Recycling of cigarette butts
  • Waste separation

Social: Our values in cooperation

Respectful behavior withhin our customers and employees is a top priority.

External communication:

Personal communication including client visits, is a part of our communication strategy. Client visits are clustered in order to shorten travel times. Video conferences/telephone calls are used actively.

Incentives for employees:

  • Possibility of home office
  • Free use of public transport in Luxembourg
  • Parking in the underground car park (chargeable)
  • Free coffee/tea with waste avoidance through pad-free machines
  • Free, treated tap water, no bottles
  • Porcelain instead of disposable tableware
  • Free use of fitness room and classes

Governance: Our strict internal rules

The CSSF Circular 20/758 stipulates bindingly which measures are to be taken to implement all legal requirements in order to comply with all national and European regulations.  Implementation primarily concerns administration, internal governance and risk management.

Governance includes one’s own organization with written rules for internal governance, the organization of administration, accounting and IT, internal control, the handling of conflicts of interest and other points that are precisely regulated.

Employees are involved in the development and handling of sustainability, e.g. with the help of regular training courses, especially in the area of compliance.

At a glance:

  • Sustainability management by the Executive Board
  • Disclosure of Information
  • Transparency of the remuneration system
  • Guarantee of workers’ rights
  • Ensuring data protection
  • Anti-corruption measures
  • Enabling of whistle-blowing
  • Tax compliance
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