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Individual Portfolio Management

The business class of investing

When you entrust us with the management of your assets, we are obliged for your confidence.

Preserving and growing assets over generations requires good sense, know-how and a conservative approach. When in doubt, our Portfolio Management prizes risk avoidance above yield optimization.

You will have access to your adviser and your investment manager, both personally attributed to you.


      • Our portfolio management track record goes back to 1999. We are rather proud of our 20 years.
      • The combined market experience of our portfolio managers exceeds 100 years.
      • You will automatically receive a quarterly report and an annual report for your taxes.

Investment process

We handle all of the investment decisions for you

General investment process information

You decide on your customised investment strategy in mutual consultation with your personal consultant. This process will examine factors such as the weighting in shares or foreign currencies. Alternative investments (such as commodities) may also be considered. On request, it is possible to incorporate hedging strategies.

Your asset manager will take the investment decisions based on the guidelines agreed with you. The focus is always on: meaningful diversification of your investment securities, without excessive individual risks. In order to achieve this, we invest exclusively in top-performers exhibiting long-term continuity and outstanding creditworthiness.

Share investment process

Bond/foreign currency investment process


Our performance – testified and rewarded

40 excellent results were achieved in the past

Firstfive AG of Frankfurt, Germany – an independent monitoring and ranking institution – regularly conducts analyses and evaluations on the performance figures for our products and compares them with those of other asset managers.

We are very pleased with these achievements and would like to thank our clients for the trust they have placed in us.

18 x among the TOP 5 Portfolio Managers

9 x among the TOP 4 Portfolio Managers

7 x among the TOP 3 Portfolio Managers

6 x among  the TOP 2 Portfolio Managers

*Analysis of firstfive from 2008  in the categories “conservative” and “balanced” (as at 31th December 2022)


Team: Our Individual Portfolio Managers and Assistant

You are welcome to meet our Portfolio Managers personally. Please ask your adviser or use the contact button.

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